Machine Specification
MicroMedia MM+ X3
Ad Code: 0000227
Description: Premium Execution 400V/50Hz 55kW Main motor Process Chamber DR/DR no pump no beads
  • Machine Type: Agitating Bead Mill
  • Machine Condition : As Is
  • Offer: N/A
  • Protection Class: Ex
  • Starting price: N/A Available on request
  • Availability: 4 Weeks Ex works and subject to prior sale
  • Location: witin Bühler Group
  • Country: China
  • Serial Number: 700072956
  • Year of Built: 2018
  • Operating Hours: < 100
  • Special note: AsiaEx
  • Technical Documentation: MicroMedia MM+ X3_BUZ_GD_MicroMedia+_EN_0219_Web.pdf
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