Frequently asked questions

Bühler ReNew is a Bühler hosted online platform that supports trade and services in used Bühler equipment.

Anyone with a registered account on Bühler ReNew can buy/sell equipment on Bühler ReNew.

Buying used Bühler equipment through Bühler ReNew is safe and simple. Buying process is easy.

  1. Search and select your machine on ReNew
  2. Ask a question or request a quote for the machine
  3. A Bühler expert will get in touch and show you options for overhaul
  4. Bühler will overhaul the machine to your specifications.
  5. Your machine delivered and guaranteed by Buhler!

Rely on the expert for all your customization and overhauling needs on used Bühler equipment.

Bühler believes in engineering customer success and trust of our customers is key. For this reason, we only work with partners who match our values. Our sellers are carefully selected based on long-term relationships and/or extensive research so that all users of our platform are assured of peace-of-mind.

Selling Process is as simple as it gets   -

  1. Post your machine details on ReNew
  2. A Bühler expert will review the listing and post it online
  3. Bühler contacts you with an offer
  4. Bühler buys your machine
  5. Bühler overhauls and sells your machine.

Buying a new machine isn’t always the best solution. Instead, consider updating your existing equipment to the latest specifications. We will be happy to show you just how easy this is.

Refurbish process is quick and easy   –

  1. Post your refurbishment query on ReNew
  2. A Bühler expert will review and contact you
  3. Bühler will provide a quotation and timeline for refurbishment
  4. Bühler will refurbish your machine as per requirement
  5. Your machine refurbished - guaranteed by Bühler .

No. You cannot buy/sell directly on Bühler ReNew. All commercial transactions happen offline. Once you have made an equipment selection, a Bühler representative will then guide you through the commercial process.

Yes. Equipment owned and subsequently sold and serviced by Bühler via Bühler ReNew will be covered by Bühler’s standard warranties as applicable.

All equipment listed on Bühler ReNew is presented in one of the following “Machine Condition”:

  • As-Is means that Bühler has not inspected the equipment nor confirmed the equipment description as provided by the seller for accuracy or completeness, and does not guarantee the availability of this equipment;
  • Bühler Inspected means that a Bühler representative has physically inspected the equipment and can confirm the accuracy of the equipment description as provided by the seller, but Bühler does not guarantee the availability of this equipment.
  • Bühler Overhauled means that Bühler owns and has overhauled the equipment and guarantees the machine condition and availability as listed on Bühler ReNew.

No. Bühler only provides standard warranty services as required for Bühler owner and overhauled equipment sold via Bühler ReNew. For other equipment it is essential that you procure maintenance, repair and overhaul services from Bühler in order to operate an equipment guaranteed by Bühler. For this reason it is essential that our experts overhaul equipment to your specifications and we can then guarantee you peace-of-mind for years to come!

Bühler provides a whole range of value added services to our customers. Get in touch with us for all your service requirements on

  1. Equipment inspection
  2. Refurbishment
  3. Up-gradation
  4. Installation and commissioning
  5. Logistics including export/import procedures
  6. Certification (ATEX, UL, CE)
  7. Training