Refurbish your machine

Breathe new life into your old equipment.

Buying a new machine isn’t always the best solution. Instead, consider updating your existing equipment to the latest specifications.

Bühler reconditions machinery and equipment tailored to your specific needs. We offer a broad range of upgrade and retrofit packages, from basic services to full reconditioning.You can enhance the level of automation, increase the quality and productivity, improve the plant’s reliability, and simply extend the lifecycle of your equipment.

It’s an investment in your future with a guaranteed ROI – proven, reliable and affordable; you are only one click away.

Post your refurbishment enquiry on ReNew
Bühler experts contact you to clarify any questions
Bühler provides a quotation including a timeline
Bühler overhauls your machine according to your requirements
Your machine is refurbished (with Bühler guarantee)

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